Our Oath

MAGA Realty. is committed to upholding conservative values and principles that align with our clients’ beliefs. As a firm, we pledge to never allocate any portion of our commissions towards woke, liberal causes or candidates. We take great care in vetting our business partners and affiliates to ensure that no money earned from any real estate transaction will ever support organizations that oppose a conservative America.

Unlike many national and local real estate brokerages that support liberal causes, MAGA Realty. stands firm in our commitment to promoting conservative ideals. We understand that our clients have a choice in who represents them in the sale or purchase of their home, and we welcome those who share our patriotic values to work with us.

Rest assured that when you partner with MAGA Realty, you can trust that your interests will be represented by true patriotic Americans.

MAGA Realty is AMERICA’S Real Estate Company.


MAGA Realty is AMERICA’S Only True Conservative Real Estate Company.

The moment MAGA Realty was founded, well known Patriots from all across America took notice and began supporting our mission… To Support America, as the only TRUE conservative real estate company.

Patriot Broker Steve Coderre and Cliff Gephart the Creator of Conservative Grounds Coffee and the Trumparilla Boat Parades are the Founders of MAGA Realty.

If you truly support America than there is no more patriotic business in America than MAGA Realty.

Network of Patriot Agents across America

Every Client Gets a 25ft Flag Pole

At MAGA Realty, we hold the belief that every American home should proudly display Old Glory in their yard. Therefore, as a token of our appreciation, we provide every buyer who partners with us a complimentary 25-foot Flag Pole Kit at the closing table.

Fight Like a Flynn PAC

At MAGA Realty, we are committed to fighting for America. A portion of every sale goes to support the FIGHT LIKE A FLYNN PAC. No American in modern times has given more to America and been attacked for doing so. General Flynn took on the entire swamp to stand up for what is right and that is why MAGA Realty Stands with General Flynn.

Every Client Gets an AR-15*

As part of our commitment to the 2nd Amendment and to make liberals heads explode, we are giving an AR-15 to every Client that uses Revere Realty. *Certain conditions apply contact for details.

Need More Convincing?

See What Our Clients Have to Say.

My Husband and I could no longer sit and watch this great country be destroyed. Our Niece Becky, my Brothers Daughter is a Realtor and we could not use her. We watched as Becky spewed hate towards America and expressed her disdain for what we believe in and we could no longer in good conscience use her to sell our house. We used MAGA Realty and not only got great service but felt good about what we did.

Carol W

I have watched as this great country has slowly eroded into something I no longer even recognize. The pure evil that exist to destroy the greatest country in history. I hired Revere because I wanted to do what I could to make sure I support companies that believe in what I believe. MAGA Realty did an amazing job with the sale of my home. True Patriots.

Tim H

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